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※Those prducts are production to order.

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 We are small manufacturer placed in Tokachi, Hokkaido. Admiring high quality of soybeans from Tokachi, we are continuously manufacturing Tofu every day, with our company philosophy " Sending fun of food to people around the world through pursuing better taste of Tofu".   Our Tofu is made from Hokkaido soybeans of 100 %, which are mainly from Tokachi. Using plenty such soybeans, you can enjoy the sweet taste and flavor of soybeans which is the strong character of Tokachi soybeans.

we are also producing various processed food of Tofu, such as smoked Tofu to expand the uses of Tofu. We can respond to various customer's demands as we are working on the entire process from planning and development to production. If you have any interest in soybean protein or Tofu, please feel free to contact us.

Address:2-8-99, Nishi 24 jo Kita, Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan 


TEL :0155-37-3501



Tofu Jerky

Rich Tofu made from soy beans of Tokachi is smoke-dried to be a snack of new taste.

You can snack as it is when you are bit hungry. Also you can use it as a material for cooking, for example, cut it into small cube and put them in a salad. You can easily take in nourishment of soy beans.

This procduct is production to order. Fish sauce and coconut sugar with halal certification are used for seasoning.


Soybeans from Hokkaido, halal certificated coconut sugar, halal certificated fish souce- made from mackerel, soy beans and salt, salt

food additive

coagulating agent: crude seawater magnesium chloride- made from seawater

antifoam agent:glycerine fatty acid ester - made from palm oil, coconut oil 

lecithin - made from soy bean

smoke chip- cherry tree

  • 100g/piece,  25 pieces/ case

  • Storage temperature: normal temperature

  • Best before:6 month

  • Minimum order quantity:300

    ※ As for shipping charge, please feel free to ask us.  

    ※ International shipping is subject to negotiation

Soybean Cracker

Soybeans from Tokachi, after boiled with time and care,  then minced and baked with salt. Healthy and easy snack with full soybean protain.  

 ※ This product is under development, will be released in next spring.


Soybeans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, salt

  • Strage temperature: normal temperature

  • best before:60days from production

  • Minimum order quantity and Lead time : subject to negotiation