SHIBUYA Fermentation Co.,Ltd.

 We kept being particular about a raw material made in Hokkaido Tokachi more than foundation for 1993 years, and have produced Miso-fermented soybean paste-, Soy sauce and Koji of natural brew additive-lessly.

We are also developing new fermented food made in Hokkaido Tokachi such as new product "Fermented Rice Milk", "Fermented Rice Caramel Azuki Bean Paste" as shown below, in addition "Fermented Rice Milk Hascap-flavor" and  "Fermented Rice caramel Paste".

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Fermented Rice Milk

Using rice made in Hokkaido, we made a "Koji for drink" produced by traditional method with cardboard box. Without using sake lees and sugar, it has a refreshing taste with fresh sweetness of glucause.  Not only it is non-alcohol, but also an abundant  vitamin B can be a good nourishing, intestinal regulation and protection against summer heat fatigue. we recommend it to for a person who worries about sugar, from child to elder people.

It is also recommended for females who are interested in beauty as it includes Seramido-moisturizing formula-. we also have concentrated package. 


Rice Molt(made in Hokkaido), rice (made in Hokkaido), salt

  • Content:140g/piece

  • Item size:48mm×48mm×118mm  180g

  • 1 case:24piece 340mm×230mm×145mm  4.6kg

  • Best before:frozen 360days (after defrosting refrigerated 40days )

  • Retale price:230yen

  • Minimum order quantity:5cases~

Fermented Rice Caramel Adzuki Bean Paste

 Without using sugar, we have produced an azuki bean paste with natural sweetness fermented by koji. Glucause made from Rice is refreshing sweet taste and tender to your body. We balieve that  from a child to an adult can enjoy it.

You can make various Japanese flavor sweets, such as sweet rice cake, strawberry daifuku, pancakes.etc, with this paste made only from raw materials of Hokkaido Tokachi.



Rice Molt(made in Hokkaido), rice (made in Hokkaido), Azuki beans(made in Hokkaido Tokachi), salt

  • Content:80g/piece

  • Item size:58mm×58mm×54mm  170g

  • 1 case:24pieces 340mm×230mm×105mm  4.1kg

  • Best before:frozen 360days (after defrosting refrigerated 50days )

  • Retal price:500yen

  • Minimum order quantity:7ases~

Tokachi Miso Caramel Sauce

 This is a special additive-free low salt miso caramel sauce made from soybeans of Hokkaido Tokachi. By decreasing salt less than 3 %, more sweetness of koji has been brought out. No sugar or additive is used, low-carb and refreshing sweet taste of glucose and oligosaccharide from fermented rice can be enjoyed all generations by putting on various foods. With mild and refreshing sweet taste, you can enjoy it as a dip or dressing, for example putting on tomato or other vegetable, spreading on bread, or as a sauce for meat or fish.


Rice Molt (made in Hokkaido), Miso (including soybeans made in Hokkaido Tokachi)

  • Content:200g/piece

  • Item size:108mm×178mm×45mm  225g

  • 1 case:24piece 340mm×230mm×145mm  5.6kg

  • Best before:frozen 360days (after defrosting refrigerated 180days )

  • Retal price:450yen

  • Minimum order quantity:5cases~