Muslim Friendly Tokachi​


What is Muslim friendly Tokachi?

 Tokachi is a region name of a part of southeast-Hokkaido, and it is famous for rich nature and various foods produced from the fertile land.

With this web-site, we would like to introduce Muslim-friendly products from Tokachi, which are alcohol-free and pork-free  so that Muslim people can easily find and enjoy such items of Tokachi.

 We carefully selected the ingredients for the products. For example, as regular white sugar distributed in Japan is usually purified with animal bones, the products shown in this site are not using sugar or using sugar with Halal certification. As for soy sauce, those products are using Halal soy sauce so that Muslim can enjoy with ease as regular soy sauce is often added alcohol as a preservative. We show all ingredients in descriptions of each product so that site visitor can choose by own decision. 

If you have any interest for the product, you can contact each company with inquiry form.

  About Obihiro Chamber of Commerce (OCCI)

 This web site is run by Obihiro Chamber of Commerce (OCCI).

OCCI runs a MUSLIM FRIENDLY TOKACHI CAMPAIGN from 2017 to promote tourism for Muslim, carrying promotion by publishing information magazine for tourist and MUSLIM MAP also developing new products for tourist.

【OCCI's  actions for Muslim tourism】

July,2017 published Muslim Map

       hosted Muslim Friendly Seminar

July,2017 to November, 2017 carried MUSLIM FRIENDLY TOKACHI CAMPAIGN

October,2017 & July,2018     operated MUSLIM FRIENDLY TOUR

July,2018 to September,2018    carried MUSLIM FRIENDLY STAMP RALLY

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Matcha Warabimochi

Shiro Daifuku

Aka Daifuku

Haru café

Tokachi Soybean Granola

Soybean Snack Granola

Goho-bi Sable

A-Net Farm Tokachi

Black Bean Tea

Azuki Tea

Boiled Azuki

Tokachino Fromages

Tokachino Fermented Butter

Cream Cheese

Love Letter from Hokkaido


HY Cream

HY Face Wash

Nakata Food Hokkaido

Tofu Jerky

Soybean Cracker


SHIBUYA Fermentation

Fermented Rice Milk

​Fermented Rice Caramel Azuki Bean Paste

​Tokachi Miso Caramel Sauce



Tokachi, located in south-east of Hokkaido, consists of 19 cities, towns and villages. And city of Obihiro is the biggest city around this area. It is famous for huge and high quality farming and dairy farming

Once you step into this area, you might see a typical Hokkaido scenery. As a largest food supply area in Japan, we are providing safety and delicious food throughout Japan.

As for climate, it sometimes gets -30 degrees in the coldest season, but on the other hand, it often lasts fine days in winter with not much snowing, the picture of Hidaka-mountains in the cold and clear air is fantastic. A large temperature gap between summer and winter, or morning and afternoon grows plenty food with rich taste. And as high quality dairy products are produced as well as sugar or red beans in this area, sweets of Tokachi, such as Japanese sweets or ice cream, also has high reputation in Japan.  

Farming land per 1 farmer is larger than other area, large scale agriculture is popular here, you can also enjoy huge sceanery of Hokkaido looking at spreading field.

Not only the field or food there are many sight-seeing spot such as Tokachigawa Hot-spring, which is famous that it is good for beauty, Banei-Keiba that is the world only horse race with pulling heavy sled. Recently various type of interactive tour is available such as farm stay or agricultural experience tour.